Caring for your jewellery and ceramics


Porcelain is durable but delicate. If dropped or knocked, it may break, so take care around hard surfaces. Store jewellery safely away in a box or bag when not being worn.

If accidentally broken, a strong glue such as a two-part epoxy resin or super glue may be used to fix your jewellery.

Due to the firing process, only the front of the jewellery is glazed. The backs can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a gentle sponge or cloth.


Many of my earrings have sterling silver attachments. These make them suitable for most people with sensitive ears. However, the silver is soft and easily bent.

When earrings are removed, keep them stored safely where they will not be crushed.

Silver can tarnish, but an easy way to clean it using household products is to place your earrings in a container lined with aluminium foil, fill it with boiling water and add bicarbonate of soda. The silver should touch the foil. Wipe with a soft cloth afterwards. Alternatively, silver cleaning cloths can be used or silver cleaning paste is available at supermarkets.

If the earrings are knocked and the backs detach from the earrings, a two-part epoxy resin can be used to glue them back on. I use Araldite Crystal!

Gold lustre

Use a soft cloth to clean any item with gold lustre applied and take care to avoid anything abrasive.

Any piece with gold lustre applied must not be placed in the microwave or dishwasher.